Music for Bass ensemble: Trios

ABC Trios

In 2004 I was commissioned by London's Royal College of Music Junior Department to write ensemble pieces for young players. Group playing has many benefits; young players are often left alone for too long, the orchestra repertoire being either too difficult or too easy for them to progress. A catchy tune or rythm can bring near-beginners quickly up to speed, especially if they practise with more advanced players.
ABC-trios comprices four small pieces: Astounding Antelopes Bad Mood Badgers Crooky Crocodiles and Dynamite Dogs. Versions for cello are included and if used in the context of coaching a youth orchestra I recommend basses playing with cellists in order to practise blending and balancing the two instrument groups. (We rehearse far too seldom together even as professional players, if you ask me...)

teaching at Royal Collage of Music, London